Welcome to the Winchester Addiction Counselling website:

Thank you for taking a step in the right direction. I guess by finding this website you recognise that you or someone you care for may have a problem whether dependency or just a recreational habit that has got out hand and are seeking some help. We cover all aspects of addiction primarily Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling

Stopping or reducing substances is a challenging and can be frightening to those involved. The process often brings hurt in the form of physical and mental distress to many including family and friends who are on the same path.

Your journey will be an individual plan created by your needs that we will be part off. We believe all our clients have capacity to change and we pride ourselves on being with you until your goal completed.

Please take time to read our website for more information where you have the option to self refer knowing this a confidentialy and GDPR complient service. Thank You



Addiction takes things, recovery gives them back, including; self-esteem, love for and from yourself and others, meaning, passion, ability to deal with life’s challenges, healing, and hope.