Epilepsy Counselling

Epilepsy Counselling can help you come to terms with the diagnoses of epilepsy. This diagnosis can be scary and worrying as your life can suddenly be turned upside down very quickly.

Your world can become very lonely all of a sudden which may lead to becoming very isolated and withdrawn from you family and friends. You can start to become extremely anxious and stressed all the time which can lead to poor mental health. Epilepsy Counselling is designed to help with these symptoms

It is very normal after a seizure to start to feel shame, worry and embarrassment. Epilepsy Counselling gives you the opportunity to you rethink how you feel about yourself, your identity and the new world you find yourself living in.



Epilepsy counselling

Epilepsy Counselling will also help by helping you learn to accept, understand your diagnoses and the fears you may live with on a daily basis. Many people living with epilepsy will experience mental health issues such as extreme anxiety, depression and stress. Mental Health

Epilepsy counselling can with coming to terms with having to take medication for the rest of your life, which can be difficult to accept. Understanding the side effects and behavioral change is a really important as all of sudden you can experience rapid weight increase or loss, mood swings, fatigue, brain fog, tremors and memory loss. This can also have an affect on family, friends and work place colleagues.Contact

♣ Coping with the unpredictable living

♣ Exploring your feelings & thoughts

♣ Understanding of how difficulties may have developed

♣ Anxieties and worries about the next seizure

♣ Coping with different emotions

♣ Concerns about memory and changes in thinking

♣ Dealing with distress and trauma

♣ Concerns about relationships

♣ Adjusting to the reality of living with Epilepsy

♣ Setting realistic aspirations for the future

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