Men’s Counselling ( stuff in your head because you won’t talk - sound familliar)

Being a man, bloke, lad, geezer, mate or whatever name, you use, do you find it difficult to talk with another man? Well you’re not alone.

How many times have you gone to the pub carrying a weight of stuff and desperate to tell a mate about what’s going on? You have a few beers and start talking about stuff, but nobody really listens. You start crying in front of the lads, not because the beer is crap, but because of this stuff you’re carrying in your head.

You wake up in a hotel hungover regretting what you said and feel like you’re a failure, that you have let the side down. As you open your eyes, you wake up with an escort and can’t remember how it happened. You know it did as you start itching down below and after checking your bank balance you realise all your wages was wasted on cocaine and you can’t pay the mortgage.

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How are you going to tell anybody now that you have cheated on the missus, got an STI, blew all your wages on cocaine and escorts? All because you're carrying stuff in your head and wont talk about it, cos you can remember your old man punching you in the head because you said to him “I am feeling …..”

“Big boys don’t cry son” Sound familiar?

Feel like ending it? Crying in your car all alone, sofa surfing at your mates but don’t tell him the truth until he sees you itching? Last resort you go to the GP who puts you on bloody antidepressants and refers you to clap clinic.

Life becomes worse cos you won’t talk about the “stuff” in your nut. Oh well the wife for forgive me (hopefully) if I remember her birthday and anniversary as due to booze and coke you have forgotten them in the past. Maybe she will if you can be man enough to talk. Maybe the kids wont hate you, but you feel a shit Father and role model.

Well she agrees to forgive you if you go to counselling. Fuck that you say, I can deal with it on my own. I don’t need that. The cycle continues cos you won’t talk.

When thinking about meeting with a male counsellor for the first time, it can take a bloke a hell of a lot of courage to walk into the counsellor’s rooms ready to talk through life’s shit.

Sound familiar? Then come and talk to geezer who is a genuine counsellor to help sort out the “stuff you’re carrying”

I offer a flexible approach as I know how hard you lads graft and don’t want to miss the football and your weekly curry. If you can’t make it face to face because you’re away with work, I offer secure email support, so there’s no excuse. So, you can’t blame the booze that’s going to be forced down you by your boss because you’re not assertive.


Areas that are frequently discussed:

  • Dealing with alcohol and drugs in your life
  • Mental Health - anxiety, stress, depression
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • Anger - Rage
  • PTSD
  • Healthy relationships
  • Loss - job and identity
  • Affairs - unable to commit
  • Domestic violence - perpetrator or non-perpetrator
  • Workplace bullying - your rights as an employee


To those Men who struggle to talk please remember you are worth it  Please click her to self refer

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