BLOG - What has been happening in my counselling world


Since starting my counselling journey back in 2002 my main ambition was to become a therapist full time. I have not really had the opportunity to do this, and have just been offering therapy now and then. So just over a year ago this dream came true and it feels exhilarating and powerful 



Firstly the good news is that I have one an award. I was a bit skeptical about what this was, but after a bit of research it turns out this award is based on feedback from clients which is something to be proud of. I now have potential clients that are referred to me based on recommendations from other people.

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Since qualifying in EMDR, it has taken off really well and there has been a  lot of interest. There still seems to be the perception that EMDR is just for PTSD, which is not true. Anything that remains unprocessed in the brain and body EMDR can help with. EMDR has various protocols that can be used to treat Addictions , Grief, Anger, Anxiety and Depression.

What has really jumped out for me in my research on EMDR is the Robert Miller Feeling State protocol. In a nutshell it gives clients the opportunity to break any compulsive behaviors, such as drinking by identifying the feeling state associated with it. EMDR can than desensitize the pleasant feeling which reduces the urge to drink, use drugs or anything that can be addictive. It can be difficult to understand so I have attached a link for you to have a look at. Feeling State of Addiction Case Study Link.



Families impacted by a loved ones addiction

After talking to various professionals and family members it seems there is less funding than ever for residential rehabilitation treatment. Can 10 days in a detox center be effective with no after care plan? Can home detoxes be effective when the external support is not in place ? 

Based on the conversations I have had recently, the answer is not really. Families have the added pressure of supporting someone detox at home, which is extremally challenging and even dangerous. The days of 6 months plus in a treatment center seem to be gone, unless you are prepared to pay privately, costing thousands.  Click to refer


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