Addiction counselling can have outstanding results and help you to get your life back on track.

In today’s climate it’s not just alcohol and drugs that are the problem, you can also find yourself addicted to gambling, sex, eating, exercise, shopping, pornography or the Internet.

Many people don’t see there is a problem until the day you realize that your life, your relationships or your work are suffering, or it may be you find that you are consuming too much of your time or money feeding this behavior.

Addiction counselling help get your life back on track

Addictive behavior is for many of us a way to escape or distract oneself from pain. No one likes to suffer, yet whilst trying to avoid painful feelings may seem an attractive solution; it is superficial and does nothing to resolve the underlying issues. Pain and upset, whilst certainly unpleasant, are normal emotions that we have been designed to tolerate, and like any others, we can learn the skills to deal with more effectively. Addiction Counselling can be amazing  Contact

Areas covered

Exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours which contribute to your addiction.

Learning plans that you can use to combat your addictive behaviour in the long term.

Devising ways to handle withdrawal symptoms.

Working with you to develop effective strategies to deal with trigger situations.

The role of family members.

Water and rock

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